BookDiscussions.com is an experiment--created because I've wished there were an easy place to use the functionality of Ning to run book groups.  I hope that the site provides you with some benefit, and that you'll let me know how it can be improved.

Of course, those of you familiar with Ning will recognize that there are some constraints to this network platform, but there are so many positives that you will hopefully find the overall experience a real plus.

Thanks for being here!


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Great idea, Steve! I arrived hoping to talk about books of influence to the American Revolution and the Constitution and was happy as a clam to see that someone else had the same hopes and had a group already getting set up. Yay!
Yay! I can get back in as of late afternoon to Ning again. I got caught up in the new spam thing somehow and access to every Ning was cut off - the ones I participate in, all six of the Nings I own and admin, as well as even the Ning Help Center so that I couldn't even see what Ning was responding with to my problem ticket. lol. You have to admit it was pretty funny to report a log in problem and not be able to resolve it because you couldn't log in to the Ning help site. Though, while I was trying to get help it didn't feel so funny.

But, I am here now and ready to jump in.

Tammy Moore


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